Common F.A.Q's

How long will it last?

PEX pipe will last as long as the structure. PEX pipe has been in use for over thirty years in Europe and life cycle testing has demonstrated that PEX can last in excess of seventy years. PEX is an inert material, virtually indestructible by common elements. AquaHeat warranties its tubing for 25 years and includes consequential damage protection of 10 ten years.

What happens if a pipe breaks?

In the event that a problem occurs. VesiPEX has a repair coupling that is used to repair the damage. Damage is very rare, but when it happens it usually happens during installation. The tubing is still exposed and repairs are made quickly and easily.

Do I have to do the complete house?

No! Today many people choose to do the tough to heat rooms or areas. Good examples are basements, garages, high ceiling areas, bathrooms and other tile areas. Additionally, this strategy keeps the costs down and still gives you the comfort of radiant heating.

What runs through the pipes?

Water! Most systems are designed to use water, but in some cases glycol is used. Glycol would be chosen if snowmelting was being done or for freeze protection.

Does it heat up fast?

Radiant floor heating systems heat up and cool down slow resulting in very even heating. Once up to temperature the system will stay within one degree of the thermostats set point.