VesiFlow PEX Plumbing Systems

The most versatile line of plumbing PEX tubing in the industry. VesiFlow offers a PEX-c tubing that can be used with virtually all connection methods. VesiFlow includes a 25 year system warranty. Available in Red, Blue and Natural colours.

VesiFlow PEX-c

Tubing is manufactured using the Irradiation method of cross-linking. The Irradiation method the pipe is extruded first and then sent through an accelerator to complete the crosslinking process. The Irradiation method provides more precise control over the degree, consistency and uniformity of cross-linking. This means the tubing is evenly cross-linked, with no weak links within its molecular chains. PEX-c is also the greenest PEX on the market. The irradiation method of cross-linking creates no chemical byproducts, unlike that of PEX-a and PEX-b.

Available connection types: F1960 (Expansion), F2080 (Expansion), F1807 (Crimp), F2159 (Poly Crimp) and more.

Large Diameter PEX-a

VesiPEX has large diameter PEX-a available for any commercial projects. We carry up to 3" in stock as well as fittings and valves to complete your project. Fittings available are F2080 expansion PEX, F1960 expansion PEX and Fusion.

Fittings, Valves and Manifolds

We got it! VesiPEX has a complete system of fittings, valves and manifolds available for your plumbing project. Fittings, valves and manifolds are available in F1960 Expansion PEX, F2080 Expansion PEX, F1807 PEX Crimp fittings and more.

All of our PEX systems carry a 25 year system warranty.