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Why Purchase PEX?


From a young age, most of us are taught that heat rises, and for a convective forced air system, that most definitely seems to be true.  Your furnace or air handler heats the air and that hot air rises to the top of the room.  Most of us don't spend a whole lot of time up near the ceiling though, so we need to look at a way to transfer heat that keeps it closer to the people occupying a space.  This brings us back to the basics, and the truth that heat moves to cold, in every direction, through the power or radiation.  If we warm the objects around us, they will emit heat through electromagnetic waves that will directly warm our bodies.  We warm the floors by embedding plastic PEX (cross linked polyethylene) pipes into the concrete and circulating warm water through them, using low wattage, energy efficient pumps.  In the summer months, these same pipes and pumps can be used to circulate chilled water, providing a source of direct sensible cooling as the process happens in reverse.


Integrating radiant heating and cooling into an occupied space has been proven to provide health benefits to the occupants.  Millions of people each year suffer or die from airborne illnesses, from the common cold spreading around an office to pneumonia ravaging an assisted living home.  By designing radiant heating and cooling systems into our buildings, the need to circulate infected air is eliminated.  We can directly heat and cool our built environment and the people in it, while providing fresh, clean ventilation air where it is needed most.


The idea of designing for thermal comfort is central to the VesiPEX mission of helping design buildings for the people in them.  In a very literal way, thermal comfort is mental state of satisfaction with your thermal condition.  Physiological studies consistently show that the human body seeks to absorb or reject 40% of heat through radiation.  This makes a radiant system ideal for meeting those human needs, and when a person is in a state of thermal satisfaction, they will be happier, more productive and leading a higher quality of life. Some very smart people have spent years studying this and publishing their results. For one example to learn more, head on over to:


Pronounced "hew-ga", this Danish concept of coziness can be felt in many ways, and is embodies by the principles of radiant heating.  Hygge is a feeling of contentment, like a warm blanket wrapped around you on a cold day.  It is a cup of tea with a friend, a blazing hearth, and being warmed from your head to your toes by every surface of the room around you.  Be well friends.

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